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5 Ombre We Love This Fall and You Will Too!

Get the ombre party started with our hair salon in Vancouver that can spice up your fall better than that pumpkin spice latte hot in your hand! The ombre hairstyle has been around for the last decade, parading its darker roots that are perfectly matched with a stunning new colour at the bottom of your hair. OSO Hair Salon is teaming up with your hair to deliver superb shine and beautiful low-maintenance colours for the ages.

The choice of colours for ombre is, to some extent, best determined by your natural hair hue and your skin tone. Whatever your natural hair colour may be, we have some really cool hair ideas that can truly take your hair to the next level with some rockstar ombre style!

Cascading Cutie

Taking the soft and gradual approach to your ombre will give you the full effect of beautiful hair, while still being subtle enough to work with every skin tone and complexion. While the lighter highlights make your hair look dynamic, this ombre style is gentle enough that it doesn’t need daily maintenance to look gorgeous.

Hot Tip

It’s time to stop being afraid of pairing a darker root colour with a red hot red bottom. Actually, keeping the roots darker means you won’t have to worry about colouring your hair every month because that vibrant red will shine on its own without having to think about the awkward growing-out process. Match the gorgeous autumn leaves and get a cheeky red colour to elevate your style in the fall of 2021 and make a bold statement with a gorgeous red tone!

Girl-Next-Door Meets Sexy Siren

Resse Witherspoon ain’t the only quintessential girl-next-door! Here is your chance to take that coveted name with a soft blonde ombre beach style that is carefree and easy, while still looking polished and elegant! Starting off with a light brown base will give you the style and warmth your hair needs, while the timeless blonde highlight accentuating the bottom of your hair will elevate your ombre to a highly sophisticated affair.

Ride the Wave

For a romantic feel, opt for a shimmering blonde colour. Silky, smooth and oh-so effortlessly sexy hair that seamlessly emerges itself from top to bottom! The painted-on ombre creates softer lines that give your hair a melted caramel look throughout without compromising on the vibrancy of your hair’s tone. Get sun-kissed hair all year long, with plenty of compliments to follow suit!

Pop the Champagne!

Popping the bubbly just got a lot funner with these fun champagne streaks in your ombre! Adding a rose gold element to your hair can accentuate your gorgeous facial structures while adding a bold statement to the dimension of your hair. Add a statement headband for an even higher impact and watch as you stun on-lookers with your sexy new ombre.

Blah hair is not an option with OSO Hair Salon - Thrive with a new sexy ombre this fall!

When you get your hair professionally done by our hairstyling team, you can experience the rich dimension your hair has been searching for, while giving you the seamless sophistication and elegance to take on the day one errand at a time!

Book your consultation with our hair experts today and get that sexy ombre hair that is going to elevate your look in the fall of 2021!

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