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Bellami Premium Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are an excellent option for achieving your ideal hair goal. From long-flowing locks to styling options to try out on special occasions, extensions offer endless possibilities.! If you have been looking for the perfect hair stylist to get hair extensions Homer St, Vancouver, you have landed in the right place.


As professional hairstylists at our salon specialize in customizing and applying hair extensions to produce natural-looking results, giving our guests the hair of their dreams only by using Bellami hair extensions while instilling confidence to embrace its newfound beauty - hair extensions can turn every day into the best day ever!

Premium Hair Extensions.jpg
Premium Hair Extensions.jpg

Benefits of Hair Extensions

Hair extensions offer many advantages to those seeking to enhance the length, volume, and overall appearance of their locks. Here are just a few benefits associated with getting hair extensions:

Instant Length and Volume: Hair extensions provide an instant solution to get the length and volume you desire - giving you your dream hairstyle without delay!

Enhanced Versatility: By adding extensions, you can try out various hairstyles - from long and flowing locks to trendy bobs or full updos - without making permanent commitments to any change.

Natural Appearance: High-quality hair extensions applied professionally can blend perfectly into the natural texture of your locks to produce an organic and harmonious appearance.

Boosted Confidence: Increased length and volume may also give your confidence a boost, making you appear more self-assured and radiant.

Concealing Hair Issues: Hair extensions offer an effective solution to address issues related to thinned or damaged locks quickly and aesthetically.

Low Maintenance: Properly cared-for hair extensions require little maintenance, making them an efficient and time-saving solution.

Hair Extension Application Process

Application of hair extensions requires careful and meticulous steps in order to produce an appealing natural-looking finish:


Consultation: Professional stylists conduct consultations to assess your particular needs and hair type to provide personalized recommendations.


Preparation: Before applying extensions to natural hair extensions, preparation must occur by thoroughly cleansing and, if needed, trimming. This ensures a firm foundation for successful extension applications.


Application: Your chosen hair extensions will be professionally attached using various techniques such as tape-ins, sew-ins, or fusion bonding, depending on your preference and hair type.


Blending: Your stylist will carefully blend in extensions seamlessly into your natural hair for an undetectable and natural appearance.


Styling: Once the extensions are in, you have complete freedom to style your hair to your taste, whether that is straightening, curling, or creating intricate updos.

Maintenance: Maintaining and caring for hair extensions requires daily brushing, use of heat protectants and following professional guidance; doing this can extend their lifespan significantly.

Longevity and Aftercare

Your hair extensions' lifespan depends on several factors, including their type, your care routine, and the maintenance you provide. On average, extensions generally last two to six months with proper touch-ups and maintenance practices in place, but with regular care, these can extend even further.

To maximize the potential benefits of hair extensions, it's vital that they receive proper aftercare. Avoid washing or tying your hair immediately following application in order to allow the extensions time to set correctly; use only sulfate-free hair care products when caring for them; regularly consult with professional stylists regarding maintenance. Regular consultations ensure your extensions will continue in excellent condition over time.


Are Hair Extensions Safe?

Hair extensions are safe when installed by professionals and cared for properly.


How Long Do Hair Extensions Last?

Hair extensions typically last two to six months, depending on factors like quality of hair extension and hair type and care routine.


Can You Style Hair Extensions?

Yes, hair extensions can be styled like natural locks using curling irons, straighteners and other tools.


Do Hair Extensions Damage Hair?

Once applied and maintained correctly, hair extensions don't cause any harm to your natural locks.


Who Shouldn't Get Hair Extensions?

Individuals with severely damaged or fine hair, as well as individuals who have specific health considerations, should consult with an expert before getting hair extensions.


Can I Color Hair Extensions?

Extensions made from high-grade hair may often be coloured, although professional guidance must always be sought to ensure compatibility and prevent any potential damage to hair extensions.


Hair extensions provide an effective solution for reaching your desired hair goals - such as added length or volume or styling change - with proper care and professional advice. They can allow you to experience all their advantages while protecting and upholding the health and integrity of natural locks. we, Oso Salon, with our professional hairstylists, guarantee you to be served with the best hair extensions Homer St.

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In order for our staff to assist you more effectively, schedule your appointment with us today! 

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