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Keratin Smoothing Treatment

Keratin, the primary structural component of hair, is utilized in the treatment to repair damage and strengthen the hair shaft. The process begins with a meticulous cleansing step to rid the hair of impurities and residues, allowing the subsequent keratin application to penetrate deeply. This cleansing step is crucial as it prepares the hair to receive the treatment more effectively. The keratin solution, laden with nutrients and proteins, is then meticulously applied, saturating the hair strands and restoring lost keratin. Through this application, the hair is revitalized from within, replenishing its natural proteins, thus fostering a healthier and more robust structure.

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Benefits Of Keratin
Smoothing Treatment

Frizz Reduction
Enhanced Shine
Manageability and Styling Ease
Temporary Straightening
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Keratin Smoothing Treatment_2.jpg

The Transformation Process

The opening of the hair's cuticles is a pivotal step in the treatment. This allows the keratin solution to deeply infiltrate the hair shaft, fortifying it from the inside out. Following the application, heat is employed to seal the keratin within the hair, ensuring its long-lasting effects. Typically, a flat iron, used at controlled temperatures, aids in this sealing process, creating a protective shield around the hair shaft. This shield acts as a barrier against external factors, preventing frizz, and promoting a smooth and glossy appearance.

The Impact on Hair Health

By rejuvenating the hair's natural keratin content, the treatment repairs damage minimizes breakage, and reinforces the hair's structural integrity. This revitalization not only enhances the appearance but also improves the hair's strength and resilience against environmental stressors. Moreover, the sealing of the keratin locks in moisture, leading to better hydration and overall improved hair health.

The intricate process of infusing keratin into the hair creates a fortified and revitalized structure, ensuring a transformation that lasts and fortifies the hair from within. This approach not only addresses aesthetic concerns but also serves as a comprehensive solution for damaged or weakened hair, providing strength, luster, and manageability.


Post-Treatment Care and Maintenance

To maximize the benefits of the hair treatment, it's advisable to postpone washing or tying your hair for a few days. This waiting period allows the treatment to fully set and ensures optimal results. Another crucial aspect of aftercare is the choice of hair care products. Using shampoos that are sulfate-free is essential, as sulfates can diminish the treatment's effectiveness. The longevity of the treatment, which typically ranges from 2 to 4 months, largely depends on the hair type and the maintenance routine followed.

The overall success of the treatment hinges on a proper aftercare regimen. Consistent care and maintenance are key to sustaining its effects. Moreover, regular touch-ups and consultations with a professional stylist can further enhance and prolong the benefits, ensuring the hair remains in excellent condition over time.

Elevating Hair Health with Keratin Excellence

At Oso Hair Salon in Vancouver, we take pride in our mastery of keratin treatments, offering unrivaled expertise in rejuvenating and revitalizing hair. With a cumulative experience of 150 years, our professional stylists bring a wealth of knowledge and skill to every keratin service. Our Keratin Treatment starts at $350. 


Unmatched Keratin Treatments
Our salon stands as a beacon of excellence in the realm of keratin hair treatments. Through a meticulous process that involves the infusion of keratin to restore and fortify the hair from within, we deliver a service that exceeds expectations. Starting with a thorough cleansing to prepare the hair, our expert stylists meticulously apply the keratin solution, allowing the hair to absorb its nourishing properties. The use of controlled heat, often in the form of a flat iron, seals the keratin into the hair strands, ensuring enduring and transformative results.

Personalized Care and Precision
We understand that each individual's hair needs are unique. With this in mind, our professional stylists conduct personalized consultations to tailor the keratin treatment to suit your specific hair type and concerns. Whether it's frizz reduction, enhanced shine, or improved manageability, our team is dedicated to ensuring a service that revitalizes your hair while preserving its natural beauty.


Is Keratin Treatment Good For Hair?

Keratin treatments replenish lost proteins, making hair smoother, frizz-free, and shinier. It can create a thicker appearance and prevent frizz in humidity.

Drawbacks: High heat and strong chemicals involved in the process may damage hair if not done properly.

Considerations: Potential side effects include hair breakage and damage, particularly if overused or if the treatment is not suitable for your hair type.

Keratin treatments offer benefits like smoother, frizz-free hair, but the potential for damage exists due to the process's intense nature. Consider its suitability for your hair type and frequency to avoid adverse effects.


How Long Do Keratin Treatments Last?

Keratin treatments typically last between 2 to 6 months, contingent on hair type and maintenance routine. Factors like hair texture, porosity, and post-treatment care influence longevity.  To prolong results, avoid washing for 3 days and use sulfate-free products


Can You Curl Hair After Keratin Treatment?

Yes, you can curl your hair after a keratin treatment. The treatment doesn't prevent you from achieving various hairstyles, including curls.


Do I Really Need To Wait 3 Days To Wash Hair After Keratin?

  • Wait 3 Days: It's commonly advised to wait at least three days before washing your hair after a keratin treatment. This allows the keratin to fully penetrate and bond with the hair.

  • Keratin Penetration: The waiting period facilitates better absorption, resulting in longer-lasting effects of the treatment. Washing too soon might diminish its efficacy.

  • Enhanced Results: While it might be tempting to wash hair sooner, the waiting period contributes to smoother, frizz-free hair for an extended duration.


Who Shouldn't Use Keratin?

Damaged or Fine Hair should avoid keratin treatments.

Hair prone to Breakage might not withstand the high heat and chemical exposure, risking further damage.

Health Concerns include the potential risk of triggering allergies or increasing the risk of blood cancer or leukemia due to formaldehyde present in some keratin treatments


Can I Flat Iron My Hair After Keratin Treatment?

Wait Period: Typically, wait at least 72 hours after a keratin treatment before using a flat iron. Some sources recommend waiting four days to a week to allow the treatment to set in. 


Avoidance of Heat: Initially, refrain from heat styling immediately after the treatment to prevent interference with the keratin's bonding process. Using a flat iron too soon can compromise the treatment's effectiveness.


Long-Term Maintenance: Once the waiting period is over, use a flat iron on low to medium heat settings to style hair while maintaining the treatment's longevity. Ensure heat protectants to shield hair from damage. 

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In order for our staff to assist you more effectively schedule your appointment with us today! 

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