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Valuable instant hair care with hair-strengthening, shine-amplifying and conditioning natural substances, makes the hair easy to comb. With balancing scent essences. Do not rinse out.


Benefit: The nourishing leave-in hair care with hair-strengthening and conditioning natural substances from natural wheat, crambe oil, ginkgo and the plant moisturiser glycerine supplies the hair with new strength and refreshing moisture without weighing it down. The hair becomes easy to comb and its natural bounce is restored.


Usage: After washing, spray into slightly damp hair. Do not rinse out. As needed, can also be applied to dry hair. Shake well before use!


Main Ingredients: Crambe oil (Abyssinian kale): the oil with the highest content of long-chain, monounsaturated fatty acid erucic acid. The plant crambe oil sterols result in shine and softness and combat damage, split ends and frizzinessWheat protein: strengthens the hair and protects it from dehydrationSunflower oil: synergistic oil, strengthens the positive effect of the valuable crambe oil, makes the hair softer, more elastic and easier to combGinkgo and plant glycerine: supply the hair with new strength and refreshing moisture without weighing it down, protect it from damaging environmental influences and styling stress

La Biosthetique Botanique Gentle Conditioner

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