Conditions and fortifies cool naturally blonde, colored and bleached hair. The hair is not only moisturized, it is left refreshed with a radiant crystal shimmer.


Benefit: No Yellow Conditioner .07 Crystal fortifies the hair structure and gives it a cool, crystal shimmer with added moisture. Both elasticity and softness are improved. Thanks to the La Biosthétique color protection complex, the hair is protected from undesirable loss of reflexes by deactivating the aggressive free radicals produced by UV rays. As a result, the color pigments remain in the hair for much longer. Violet crystal color pigments fortify slightly golden yellow reflexes and refresh cool blonde shades. Naturally blonde, colored and bleached hair shines in a new light, is optimally conditioned and boasts beautiful shimmer.


Usage: Evenly distribute and knead Glam Color No Yellow Conditioner .07 Crystal into washed, towel-dried hair. Allow to take effect for 1 – 2 minutes. Then rinse thoroughly. No Yellow Conditioner .07 Crystal doesn’t stain the skin and can easily be used under the shower.


Main Ingredients: 

  • Sunflower extract deactivates the aggressive free radicalls, protects the hair from fading and lastingly maintains color brilliance.
  • Panthenol supplies the hair and scalp with valuable moisture.
  • Jojoba oil gives the hair intensive shine.
  • A UV shine complex strengthens the vibrance of blonde hair.
  • Violet crystal pigments maintain and refresh the cool reflex.

La Biosthetique Glam Color No Yellow Conditioner .07 Crystal