The color protection shampoo with its anti-yellow formulation provides particularly mild and gentle cleansing. Thanks to its violet crystal color pigments, slightly golden yellow reflexes are reduced and cool shades are invigorated. It protects hair from color and moisture loss and gives even naturally grey hair a radiant crystal shimmer.


Benefit: No Yellow Shampoo .07 Crystal particularly gently cleanses and conditions cool blonde hair and gives it an elegantly shimmering crystal shine. The sunflower extract contained in No Yellow Shampoo .07 Crystal fortifies free radicals that are caused by UV radiation. Consequently, the color protection complex ensures color pigments last much longer and the color stability is increased. Moisturizers condition hair and scalp. Violet color pigments in the shampoo invigorate and maintain the crystal blonde color reflex while you wash, neutralize undesirable golden yellow reflexes, even in naturally grey hair, and result in lastingly beautiful color and brilliance. The hair shines in the most elegant shade of crystal blonde and features seductively radiant vibrance.


Usage: Evenly distribute Glam Color No Yellow Shampoo .07 Crystal into hair and on the scalp. Lather with a little water, lightly massage the scalp and carefully knead the hair with the fingers. Then rinse thoroughly with water. The shampoo doesn’t stain the skin and can easily be used under the shower.


Main Ingredient:

  • Basic surfactant on the basis of coconut oil gently cleanses the hair.
  • Panthenol supplies the hair and scalp with valuable moisture.
  • Sunflower extract deactivates the aggressive free radicalls, protects the hair from fading and lastingly maintains color brilliance.
  • Violet crystal pigments invigorate the cool reflex.

La Biosthetique Glam Color No Yellow Shampoo .07 Crystal