2-phase express conditioning spray with hair protection complex. The hair is given a protective, strengthening film, becomes fuller and is also easier to comb and style. The hair maintains its natural lightness and bounce while volume is intensified.


Benefit: 2-phase spray-on express care with hair protection complex. The delicate spray mist fortifies the hair and maintains the effect of Protection Cheveux Complexe in betwee intensive care treatment set, Volume. At the same time, valuable key ingredients fortify the hair’s outer cuticle, and combats hair breakage and split ends. Together with cysteine, they maintain the important sulphur bonds in the hair. This is a leave-in spray, which improves the hair’s combability and elasticity with just a few pumps, whilst significantly increasing the hair’s volume and bounce. The hair is given a protective film, becomes fuller and gains a beautiful natural shine. The result: Your hair is easy to style, lastingly fuller and has a beautiful natural shimmer.


Usage: The spray doesn’t weigh down the hair and is thus perfect for daily use: Shake briefly before use, and spray into freshly washed, towel-dried hair. Leave-in product. Simply dry and style as usual.


Main Ingredients:

  • Cysteine strengthens the hair’s sulphur bonds
  • Wheat protein makes the structure more stable, and combats hair breakage
  • Lipoamino acids make the hair naturally soft and easy to style

La Biosthetique Protection Cheveux Complexe Express Care Volume