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5 Hair Trends You’re Going to See Everywhere This Winter!

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

As the season is changing, you’re craving a fresh change - and getting a different hairstyle is always a sure-fire way to embrace the transitional period. OSO is your hair salon to help you dominate the dropping temperatures and walk into winter of 2021 knowing you’re rocking that bold hair and colour!

Our hair salon in Vancouver offers a wide range of specialty services from haircuts and hairstyles for women and men to hair colour, balayage and ombre, keratin treatments, bleach and tone, hair extensions, bridal and special event hairstyles both short and long hair, collagen lip mask, eyebrow waxing and threading. Give us a call to discuss your next hairstyle, talk to our professional stylists for advice.

This winter is all about volume, movement, and flipping over a new and exciting page. Flaunt what your mama gave you and get that hairstyle that makes you feel inspired - whether it’s getting a refreshing hair mask or cutting your bangs for a change!

Winter is all about reinventing your hairstyle with low-maintenance looks that are alluring, healthy and made just for you! So what do we see on the horizon for the winter season? We’ll lead the way in helping you find your perfect hair!

Unexpected Accessories

Your tree shouldn’t be the only thing sparkling this winter - glam up your hairstyle with some funky hairpins that can dress up everything from a party dress to casual jeans a T-shirt! When you need that extra confidence boost, adding some spicy hair accessories can lift your mood and take on the day. Plus, you can style your accessories any way you want to showcase your unique personality even it’s sometimes hidden behind a woolly hat!

Braid to the Top!

A braided hairstyle is a perfect way to let your personality shine through - whether you’re wanting romantic French braids or sultry Dutch braids, elevate your look with spectacular braids! If looking regal is your vibe, and let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to look like a King or Queen this winter, braids are the exact thing you need to implement to mesmerize anyone this winter. Nothing knotty about this style.😘

Wispy and Wishful Layers

Cheers to the rise of the layer-heavy ‘dos! If your hair is craving that movement and volume, why not get a sexy face-framing style and effortless texture? Besides making you look like a supermodel, wispy layers can also complement your face structure while looking edgy. What’s not to love - all you need is a little hair oil and you’re ready to trudge even through the craziest winter storm.

The Return of the Bob

Bobs are coming back in all shapes and sizes! Fueling the trend is the power behind the style, which can give you loads of options to help you layer and angle your hair in a sleek style. The length is typically worn at or below the chin for a swingy bob on straight textures. What we love about the Bob is that it is so easy to maintain; just wake up and use a flat iron to eliminate flyaways. The hairstyle gives you that eternal power essence to take on any day in the winter, no matter if you’re bundled under 3 blankets and 2 hoodies.

Ice Queen

How fitting to get your hair coloured the same colour as the gorgeous snow outside! From Lady Gaga to Kim Kardashian, everyone is going for the icy blonde look this winter! Why not take the spotlight at every holiday party. We’re to help you get dreamy and creamy white hair that will be the accessory when the temperature drops!

The only thing colder than winter will be your icy hair shine!

When it comes to winter, the more the merrier (pun intended)! While you’re picking out your favourite layered sweaters and sexy party-level cocktail attire, let us transform your hair to give you that ultra-glossy vibe!

Have you booked your consultation yet? Your hair will thank you, you can trust us!

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