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5 Ways to Freshen Up Your Hairstyle | Go Bold While Staying True to Your Style

The answer to almost anything in life is to adapt and improvise. Tired of the same meat and potatoes for dinner? Try a refreshing vegan lasagna. Need a spicy new hobby? Why not sign up for salsa lessons? In our busy lives, it’s easy to stick to a routine, but the same shouldn’t be true for your hairstyle! Our hair services salon in Vancouver can freshen up your lovely hairstyle and add some glitz to your hair colour!

Rated as one of the top hair salons in downtown Vancouver, our 40 years of collective experience will be put to great use in enhancing your hairstyle! We came up with five ways that you can easily refresh your look while not straying towards anything too dramatic or expensive (unless you’re into that)!

Trim & Proper

Healthy hair is always something we should be aiming for!

Yes, yes. As hair specialists, we always tell you to get frequent hair trim, but a cut can actually give you an elegant appearance that gets rid of damaged and broken split ends. Plus, a regular trim actually helps your hair grow faster and progresses the acceleration of your hair follicles. A hair trim not only makes it easier for you to style your hair daily, but it also removes the dry ends that can sometimes make your hair look frizzy. Our advice? Book your hair trim once every three months!

Lay(ered) It On Me

Playing with a layered and textured look can add movement and volume to an otherwise flat look. No matter what your natural texture is, be it straight or curly, you can always get layers that complement your gorgeous facial features. Create depth and enhance body by choosing to implement layers - perfect for a year-round look. Plus, you can always accessorize and glam up your layers for a fancy night out!

Pin-Straight Pin-Up

Pin-straight hair can be just as dramatic as big, bold curls! What we love about this hairstyle is that it is so versatile and you can tackle on your busy day knowing you look fantastic! Running around doing some errands? - put your straight hair in a high, sleek pony. Meeting an important client - let your mane rock supreme and channel your inner professional. Straight hair works on all lengths and it’s easy to maintain. What’s not to love?

Going Out With a Bang

Getting bangs doesn’t always have to be a bold choice! What we love about this look is that there are so many styles to choose from: side-swept bangs, front bangs, curtain-style, mid-length! If you have been thinking about freshening up your style with a bang, now it’s your time to shine! We can help you choose the best bang for our face shape and get a little creative on your journey to your mini-hair makeover. We promise you won’t be disappointed, and even if it doesn’t turn out the way you’d imagined, you can rest easy knowing that it’ll grow out in a few weeks!

Discover Your Roots

Dark roots are certainly re-trending and for good reason! Pairing your naturally dark roots with lighter shades of blonde highlights can make you command a room. Let’s face it, going blonde is a commitment and sometimes life gets in the way of a frequent touch-up. Let’s rejoice in the fact that rooty hairstyles are definitely here to stay and they’re here to make a bold statement year-round!

Come Visit Us Today - We’d Love to Meet You!

Looking to refresh your hairstyle? You came to the right place! Follow our game-changing tips on how you can refresh your hairstyle and it’ll add some instant pep in your step while you’re accomplishing you’re powering through your day!

Book your consultation today and get ready for a fantastic new change!

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