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6 Sexy Middle Part Hairstyles to Flatter Every Face Shape!

Middle parts are sexy. Yep, we said it. Gone is the concept that middle parts are elementary or stuck in the ‘70s and here are the days that celebrate the face-framing, glorious appearance of the middle part. Our hair salon in Vancouver recognizes the hairstyle that is a trend to stay for the ages.

Middle parts can work for every face shape, every hair texture and every individual. Let our professional hairdressers in Vancouver, BC work their magic and give your hair that sexy makeover that is sure to flatter your gorgeous face structure.

Are you a loyal side-parter? Or a die-hard full-on bang fanatic? Take our hand, we’ll lead the way to the world of the wonderful middle part.

6 stunning middle part hairstyles you need to try today!

Going with the Flow

Grab everyone’s attention with the middle part that is accompanied by a flirty flow. The strong part will define your features while still being soft enough to tousle and play with throughout the day. Highlight your best features and integrate volume and texture into your hairstyle to look like you are always put together and ready to take on the day.

Colour Your World

There’s something integrating a pop of colour to your hairstyle that instantly rejuvenates your hair. Pair the bold hue with a great middle part and you get the most flattering cut for your face shape while adding lustre and extra volume to your mane. Adding colour can add a spunky effect to your daily activities, so why not take the plunge and choose something bold!

The Breezy & Bold Bob

This rounded, chin-hugging cut accentuates your gestures while showcasing your lavish hair colour. For the individuals who love something short and feminine, a slightly angled bob gives your hair that movement and sass that will boost your confidence. Highlight those cheekbones and embrace the beauty of a shorter middle part!

Retro Stunner

Farrah Fawcett approved, this retro hairstyle is here to stay in 2021 - you don’t need a beach trip or saltwater to attain this legendary hairstyle. This look can be achieved with plenty of different layer lengths throughout and waving your hair to the outside. Flow, depth and volume, this style will give you a timeless movement and elegance. Plus, the volume of your hair can perfectly complement your fine features and give your face a more symmetrical appearance.

It’s All Wavy, Baby

This hairstyle might as well just be called the “Chameleon” because it can be accessorized in so many different ways. The middle part can be a very versatile addition to your various-length waves and can even work as flat ironed or a super blowout. Working with a softer perimeter around your face, this hairstyle can give you effortless movement year-round.

Middle Money Piece

Get that 4D volume to your hair and opt for the money piece to highlight your middle part. That burst of lighter blonde to accentuate your sandy mane, or a bold red to bring out your vibrant chocolate hue can truly elevate your hairstyle. Plus, the money piece adds a natural fullness to your hair that is sure to compliment your unique facial structure.

Get that glorious middle part and elevate your hair dimension!

The middle part, in combination with a bold colour or gorgeous highlights, can truly elevate your hairstyle year-round. Add dimension and texture to your hair instantly while you’re busy running the world!

Book your consultation today and get the hair of your dreams at our hair salon on Homer Street!

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