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As the Colours of the Leaves Change, So Should Your Hair! | Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn!

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

Summer, it’s been great. But it’s not you, it’s us. We’re craving that rich autumn colour that allows us to immerse ourselves in cooler shades and allow us to freely express ourselves with hot tools, hairsprays, hair ties and bobby pins. As a top hair salon in Vancouver, we want to transform your hair from the ongoing humidity and sweat that dawned upon us in the summer and switch you over to a crispier and more vibrant colour heading into the fall months.

Our professional hairdressers are ready to amp up your hairstyles, whether you’ve been craving straight and shiny hair, gloriously curly and voluminous or in need of vibrant colour and tone. There is no shortage of inspirational looks you can choose from, so get ready to work your mane the way you want!

Hazelnut Highlights

Delicious depth and hair movement are the magic that hazelnut highlights can instantly add to your hair. Caramel ribbons throughout your hair can give you that volume that won’t fall flat while giving your hair that glossy effect while you’re busy picking out the best pumpkin in the field. Pump up your hairstyle with low-maintenance hazelnut tones that cause your hair the least amount of damage.

Blue Lagoon

There is something incredibly liberating about choosing to go an unconventional colour - especially in the fall. Opting for sexy blue tones is the perfect choice of trying something bold before the year ends. Our team can leverage your colour to give you the perfect combination between a vibrant rockstar and a subtle girl next door vibe. Gain the courage of going blue today and get those dreamy blue strands this autumn!

Keeping It Cool

In case you thought ash brown hair would wash you out, cool tones prove that it’s actually possible to have that glossy and shiny tone year-round. Unlike coppers and caramels, ash tones last much longer and fade at a slower rate. Weaving in silver highlights and lowlights gives your hair dimension without having a negative impact on your complexion.

Gone Platinum

The ultimate statement is going full in with the coolest hair tone to spark your hair revolution. We admit, going platinum blonde may not be the easiest upkeep, but it is certainly worthwhile to go this monochromatic colour this fall. The bright white hue flatters just about every skin tone - whether you’ve got warm, tan or pale undertones. Give this polished style a try this fall, and enhance your tresses with accessories to elevate your look to an on-screen bombshell.

Bronzed and Beachy

We said summer is over, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop channelling your inner beach babe! A huge major trend is that almost red hair that is on the cusp of going 100% strawberry blonde. Warmer tones are the perfect way to spice up your natural brunette hair tone while still giving you that oomph. Plus, it’s a super easy trick from transitioning to brown from both lighter and darker tones, so you have limitless options on how you want to customize this style.

Fall into the best hairstyles with our hair whispers at OSO Hair Salon!

As you’re digging up your coziest sweaters and loving all aspects of the fall weather, your hair deserves a transformation that keeps you warm all autumn long! OSO Hair Salon will embrace your hair’s natural length and texture and amplify your style to give you the most flattering tresses going into 2022.

Book your consultation today and unlock all your hair possibilities!

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