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Blow everyone away with our fabulous hair salon for blowouts in Downtown Vancouver!

Lights, Camera, Blowout! Your hair is a staple of who you are and should be seen - and admired - and complimented. Because hair always has a mind of its own, keeping it maintained into perfectly effortless curls may be hard to achieve on the day of an important occasion - unless you get a blowout!

At our hair services salon in downtown Vancouver, our blowouts are designed to last and have revolutionized the hair game. Not only that, the entire experience is to die for. Starting from our stylist washing and drying your hair to incorporating various techniques and products to bring your desired hair look to life, you’ll feel pampered in no time with a glamorous new style. Talk about a two-in-one deal! Today, our downtown Vancouver hair salon for blowouts will give you a run-down of what a hair blowout is, how long they last, and if they damage hair. Time to get blown away!

“At OSO, we strive to provide you with the utmost personalized care and an exclusive experience that you deserve. Our team of professional stylists understands the intrinsic details of hair styling that are unique to each individual. That is why we take a holistic approach to tally with your specific hair type and lifestyle!”

What is a hair blowout?

Growing up, you may have heard about friends or family members getting hair blowouts, but what does it mean? Simply put, a blowout is the process of drying your hair after it gets washed into the desired style. Stylists integrate the luxury of technique and comfort in their hair process. A blowout at a salon typically requires 45 minutes to complete but could take hours if done from home. Better to avoid the restless arms as well as time and money spent on a particular look that may not come out exactly how you want it!

At OSO, we can provide you with multiple hair blowout options, from a beachy look to a voluminous wavy style. You name it; we’ve got it. All of our professional stylists use controlled techniques and styling products to bring you the time you need to relax.

How long do blowouts last?

Now let’s let you in on the secret: how long do blowouts last? Since the entire process does not mainly use long-lasting heating products, blowouts are known not to stay permanent. Still, they are made to last you on occasions that stretch for several days - but is there a way to extend the lifespan even longer?

  • Keep your hair dry

  • Avoid touching your hair

  • Use dry shampoo when there is excess oil in your hair

  • Invest in using a silk or satin pillowcase

  • Keep your bedroom cold to avoid frizz

At OSO, our skilled team will provide after-care tips and support in ensuring that your hair lasts over several days to keep that beautiful look throughout the casual weekend or that special event!

Does a blowout damage my hair?

Well, blow drying involves heat, so would that damage my hair? No need to fret because our team has thought this through! We are all professionally trained to promise you your hair’s safety in not receiving any damage during the blowout process. Unlike curling irons or straighteners, hair dryers will not get as hot as other styling tools, which is highly less damaging. Additionally, we use different products and techniques to protect your hair - like heat protectant spray!

Time for some hair blowouts! Have any questions? Call us for a consultation!

Getting a blowout can help you look and feel glamorous, so it’s no wonder many can sense the enhanced confidence and beauty in people after they come back from a salon!

At OSO hair salon, your experience and satisfaction are our top priority so please don’t hesitate to give us a call or ask any questions regarding our services! We’d love to hear from you and bring out your most expressive self.

Get yourself prepared for some jaw-dropping blowouts!


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