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Brunette? Blonde? Red Head? There’s a Balayage for That!

Leave it to the French to invent such a sexy hair effect. Our hair salon in Vancouver can give you that lusty balayage hair colour that is equally low-maintenance as it is mesmerizing. Think of getting your hair balayage-d as permanently standing outside in the Sun, and the sunlight hitting your hair in the most perfect motions.

There’s no limit to what you can do with this gorgeous highlighting technique, and when you book your hair consultation in Vancouver, we can open up your world full of endless possibilities. We picked our favourite five styles to showcase to you, and we promise by the end of this article, you’ll give us a call to book a balayage appointment of your own!

Though thousands of hair trends come and go, we think balayage is definitely here to stay!

Lightning McQueen

You really can’t go wrong with golden tones, especially if they’re complemented so well by your natural beauty. Choosing to go ice blonde at the ends will give the top of your hair some golden undertones that create slightly different volume effects. If you really want to make a statement, aim for one of our Keratin treatments to lock-in that vibrancy of the blonde balayage and get soft hair you’re always ready to run your fingers through.

Toasted Caramel Latte

Brushed-out waves, glossy hair and incredible volume? Make the most out of your balayage and opt for caramel ends that are easy to maintain while making a stylish statement. Most brunettes will admit that sometimes their colour looks a tiny bit flat, and that’s where adding numerous shades of caramel highlights will add that extra pop of dimension you were craving!

California Dreamin’

Because of those strategically placed highlights, your balayage will give your hair the effect of actually looking fuller. Adding lighter highlights will only enhance the movement of your hair while giving your hair that drool-worthy glow. Play to your strengths by going California blonde while you’re imagining yourself on a two-week surf trip on the coast of Australia. Surfs up!

The Unicorn Glow

Talk about standing out in the crowd. Adding elements of spunky colours to your balayage can add a dramatic effect to your appearance, going above and beyond the basics! You can choose the colours you want based on your personality and we will happily oblige! Plus, choosing funky tones will only add more sparkle to your daily routines while you’re rocking the new style everyone will ogle over.

Here Comes the Sun(lights)

When the weather cools down, you can still feel warm with your sun-kissed balayage look. You can never go wrong with caramel and platinum highlights that are embedded in your natural hair colour. Add some face-framing highlights to your appearance for a golden dimension and carry this look from season to season.

Calling All Balayage Babes - It’s Your Time to Shine this Fall!

Feel fresh, fierce and fabulous this fall and speak to one of our hair experts today to get your perfect balayage!

The main goal of balayage is a soft and seamless blend, and our experienced team can give you the hair that you’ve always wanted for the fall! Whether you want to enhance your hair colour with subtle highlights or add some much-needed volume to your mane, we always got you covered!

Book your consultation today and get endless volume, dimension and flow to your hairstyle. 😍

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