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Chocolate Hair That is Delicious Without the Empty Calories | Low-Maintenance Styles

Whoever said blondes have more fun has obviously not found their perfect shade of a darker shade.

OSO hair salon can help you find that perfect shade of brown that is anything but boring! So how do you choose the perfect chocolate shade that complements your skin tone, all while representing your amazing personality? Let’s break it down.

Chocolate hair tones have always been in style - from Cleopatra to Angelina Jolie. You don’t have to be either an Egyptian goddess or a Hollywood starlet to pull off the trend. All you gotta do is rock your new do’ with a dash of confidence, a sprinkle of positivity and of course, our recipe for colour in our beauty salon in downtown Vancouver.

Brown hair can look extravagant, rich and timeless with the right colour enhancement. The word brown can seem a little blah, so why don’t we instead go for more delicious-sounding words like chocolate, caramel and hazelnut? Much better!

Our friendly hair salon in Vancouver can help you choose your perfect shade from an infinite palette of chocolate hues that can bring out the best vibrancy and volume in your hair. Give your hair a more distinctive tone than the overdone brown tones with no vibrant tones, and spice up your hairstyle for the warmer months!

Craving to embark on a fantastic hair journey? We can lead you to your hair self-discovery by booking your consultation here!

5 Delicious Dark Hues Perfect for You!

An Espresso with an Extra Hazelnut Shot

We told you chocolate hues are going to make your mouth water. Blonde and light chocolate highlights woven throughout a rich chocolate dimension can give you the perfect glossy look you’ve been searching for. Bring an element of texture to your espresso base and infuse it with hazelnut highlights that are sure to be unforgettable.

Cherry on Top

Pairing a darker chocolate hue with a cherry flair can result in the epitome of a flawless look. Keep the roots darker, while you opt for a slightly copper cherry red at the bottom. This style is great on any skin tones, and gives you that year-round tan and lovely glow even if you’ve been stuck inside for most of 2021!

In Love with the Cocoa

Cocoa is a warm and multi-dimensional take on the classic brown hair that has been a staple for centuries. Using the natural hair colour that is darker at the root, we can infuse lighter cocoa colours to blend all of the colours seamlessly. The best part about this is that it’s incredibly low-maintenance, and can frame your face structure for a bombshell appearance. Yummy!

Fant-ASH-tic Balayage Bob

A sleek bob is a perfect marriage between sleek and modern, and professional and minimal. Update your brown hair with bold ash tones with cooler tones that last longer than copper and honey shades. This hair colour is perfect for every skin tone and can complement your face frame like a dream.

Svelte Brunette

Dark chocolate tones look instantly glossier when they’re set off by black undertones. Rich dimension and thick hair make way for effortless wavy locks that create a loose and flowing style. Give your hair that bounce and body by spicing up your hair with mocha tones to accentuate the thickness of your mane, and make onlookers think ‘Whoa, how did they get that hair”?

Spice up your hair with delicious chocolate hues at our professional hair salon in downtown Vancouver, BC!

Who doesn’t love smooth chocolate? If you’ve been starving for a rich and creamy darker colour, we have your zero-calorie fix!

Whether you’re aiming to be a toffee temptress, a red velvet vixen, or to enhance your natural chocolate tones, we can help you decide on which shade of delectable brown tones is best suited for you. Book your appointment today with one of our hair experts, and get the chocolate tones that won’t affect your waistline.

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