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Fant-ASH-tic Tones for All Hair Colours | Nothing Grey About This Trend!

We think of ourselves as sort of ‘hair whisperers’ - we look at your hair and can give it the right dimension, style and colour to elevate it to the next level. Our hair salon in downtown Vancouver can give you that hair upgrade you’ve been searching for and keep you updated on the latest hair trends and colours.

So what’s the coolest trend that’s taking over Canada? Ash tones that are the perfect combo of brunette, silver highlights and a tinge of blonde. Ashy tones can suit all skin tones and hairstyles that can practically be found on every hair palette, and our hair salon on Homer Street in Vancouver can help you kick it up a notch!

A Scoop of Caramel Swirl

For brunettes, hand-painted highlights give a low-maintenance blonde option that transitions from brown roots to icy bright ends without looking severe. The flowing layers of caramel and ash hued help the hues mingle seamlessly, while you’re getting a flowy and sleek finish that is anything but ‘been there, done that’. While the caramel adds a sense of a sun-kissed element, the ashier tones give you that effortless cool tone to balance all the hues out.

Lavish & Layered

Ash brown is known to be universally flattering as it combines both warm browns and silvery greys that accentuate every facial structure. Layering hair shades varying from cool to neutral browns and blondes is the perfect recipe for creating a super wearable ash colour without looking like you’re trying too hard.

Sleek and Sexy

Untouched roots let you embrace your naturally dark base that creates a low-maintenance transition to a lighter ashier colour. This sleek balayage style gives you that creamy appearance of soft and touchable hair, while giving you plenty of lush hair to get oogled at. Plus, sleek and sexy hair is in during every season, so you won’t have to be in the stylist chair every week to upkeep the gorgeous colour.

Earthy Beauty

The darker hair colour palette combines shades of cedar and mesmerizing ashier tones that bring a factor of woodsy chic while elevating the style to look high-class. The colour technique and cool undertones make it feel like you’re getting a complete makeover for your hair, when in reality you’re getting a hairstyle that requires little to no upkeep with the least amount of damage that we’re sure you’ll be on board for.

Beachy Keen

If your hair is on the lighter spectrum, keeping your sun-kissed ends is the trick to achieving the gorgeous ash look. We can work with your individual hair tones to incorporate more silvers, while avoiding the brassiness that can be associated with lighter grey-ish tones.

How do you upkeep an ash hair colour?

It’s important to always use a shampoo and conditioner that is designed to maintain light tones. Keep brassy and dull shades from running your perfect style and opt for purple shampoo that works for both blonde and brunette tones. Our range of hair maintenance products can help you retain your glorious colour for an extended period of time, without having to worry about losing the sheen and dimension to your hair.

Low-Maintenance, High-Dimension with Ash Tones for Every Hair Colour | Hair Salon in Downtown Vancouver

The Ash trend is here to stay because everyone can find their perfect tone without any damage to their natural hair colour. We can add subtle highlights that will accentuate your fab face structure, or we can give you a full ashy balayage that will lock in your perfect colour and give you the lasting shine and sheer you’ve always craved.

Book your hair consultation with us today and experience glorious ash dimension and stunning volume!

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