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Get your hair balayage for a flawless style | We're your hair salon that works with any type of hair

Let me guess: You're here because you're thinking of dying your hair. You want to get that new beautiful, glowy hair look for the summer, but you're thinking - how do I know if a hair colour will suit me?

Well, trendy hairstyles come and go, but one is here to sweep everyone off their feet: Balayage! If this is your first time dying your hair, you're in the right place. Many people go into hair colour salons and get nervous about trying out coloured hair for the first time, which is why a subtle, natural, and lightened hair colour switch, like balayage, is the way to go!

At OSO, our balayage hair salon team is specially trained to give you the perfect look you want. Thinking of a full or partial balayage? Wondering how long they last? We have you covered! Today we'll tell you everything you need to know about balayage to get you ready, prepped, and excited for your new hair colouring journey. Let's go!

"It's more than just hair for us. It's an expression of who you are. It's about us helping you feel confident in becoming the amazing version of yourself. Our professional team is always on standby to offer you with insightful beauty advice. So don't hesitate to reach out, we are always happy to help!"

How long does a balayage last?

When you get your hair done, you want it to last! Balayages are the best type of hair techniques to switch to because of how seamlessly it blends into your natural hair even while it grows out.

Typically, a balayage lasts for 3-4 months before it is recommended to get redone, but this varies depending on the look you want and how fast your hair grows. Now, although 3-4 months is the ideal time frame for when you should re-dye your balayage, what if I told you that they could last even longer?

Unlike other hair techniques like full-head colours or reverse ombrés that make you regularly do root touch-ups, balayages are low maintenance. The dye doesn't leave any harsh colour switches from your roots to the dyed sections since most colours are already similar to your current hair colour. So really, they just continue to blend into the hair until you want a new switch up ;) - fantastic, right?

Should I get a full or partial balayage?

Full or partial? Is one more recommended with my hair type? Is there a difference? There are already so many hair colouring techniques, and now you've discovered that there are partial and full options as well - but it's easier than it seems!

Let's start with full balayage - this hair technique is where subtle highlights are added throughout your head, excluding a few centimetres from your roots. Typically this style is best for those looking for a more drastic balayage change, as it lightens most of your hair while staying low-maintenance.

As for partial balayage - many first-timers tend to lean more towards this hair technique as it gives off a more natural look. This free-hand colouring process is mainly applied throughout specific areas of your hair and gives off a lovely, sunkissed look that is, again, low-maintenance!

Both hair techniques are equally popular and gorgeous, regardless of hair type. If you want personalized recommendations, our team at OSO hair salon is eager to lend a helping hand. With over a collective 50 years of experience, you can put your trust in us when giving you the perfect balayage summer look you want.

What's the difference between getting highlights and getting a balayage?

Some people use the words highlights and balayages synonymously, but that isn't the case! Traditional highlights are almost always used with foils, whereas balayages are free-handed and provide a more natural look.

With foils, highlighting is used to evenly saturate certain sections of your hair, giving a final look that beautiful, more lightened, and structured dimensioned effect. A balayage technique would gradually make the hair at the bottom lighter and would not use foils during the application process. In terms of touch-ups, highlights would require regular treatments as your natural hair colour will be more noticeable against the highlighted sections once it grows out.

Book your consultation today and transform your hair with our team!

With summer coming up, we all want a new change. Balayages are our latest obsession, and they will be yours too!

At OSO, our team is there to give you an incredible experience, from the moment you step into our salon to when you leave. With your vision, we want to help you feel like your most beautiful, expressive self. We would love to meet you, so contact us today to book a virtual consultation!

Ready to get swept off your feet? It's time!

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