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Glossy Hair for the Fall? Sign Us Up for the Shiny Style ASAP!

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

Shiny hair has never gone out of style, and it’s putting a huge stamp on all hairstyles this fall! Sleek strands are skyrocketing in popularity and our hair salon on Homer Street in Vancouver can give you that ultra-glossy mane that you deserve while you’re immersed in all things pumpkin-spiced!

That shiny and sleek look is also called ‘liquid hair’, for the way that it appears fluid and almost like running water. The look provides plenty of movement with a sheen that catches the light, giving your hair an eternal frizz-free appearance. If you have been craving fabulous and soft hair, our hair salon in Vancouver can help you uncover your hair potential with five inspiring hairstyles to bat your eyes over.

5 styles that’ll make you ‘shine’ this fall!

Purple Haze

If you’re looking to go bold and choose a colour that you typically would think it’s too daring, the fall is the best time to take the purple plunge. A vibrant colour gives you an opportunity to show your creative side, while still giving you that glitz and glam of absolutely mesmerizing hair. Opt for that rich outstanding colour that allows you to play to your expressive side while highlighting your stunning facial features.


Bye-bye frizz, and hello drool-worthy shine. Eliminate any flyaways and rejuvenate your hair with a suntanned blonde vibe that adds plenty of depth and movement to your hair. Infuse your natural hair colour with strategic highlights that will reflect light all while keeping your hair healthy and glossy. Adding lighter shades to augment the shine in your hair won’t look over pigmented, giving you a rockstar appearance without looking too aggressive.

Cinnamon Swirl

Spiffy up your brunette colour with a little unexpected lighter cinnamon tone to ‘spice’ up your glossy hair. The trick to nailing this gorgeous colour this fall is to contrast between a warm auburn tint and a dark brunette base. The layering is subtle, while still looking amazing on every hair texture and length. The colour is also incredibly easy to maintain while flattering your face structure. Get ready to receive all the compliments this fall with this unforgettable style!

Black Coffee

It seems that a deep chocolate colour never leaves the fashion radar. Make a huge statement with a vibrant shine that the Sun would be jealous of while adding a touch of Milan fashion week element to any length of hair. Enjoy the essence of deep chocolate hues without the added calories that’ll make you feel bloated!

Honey Nut Cheeri-OH!

Wheat-toned blonde tones don’t have to be stuck in the summer - at OSO, we masterfully bring them into the fall season so that you can reap all the hair benefits and make you feel incredible. This lighter tone diffuses with your natural hair colour, as opposed to giving you a harsh contrast that needs constant upkeep. The tone will give you that effortless shine even if you just rolled out of bed, while never looking freezy. Where do we sign up?

Our hair salon in Vancouver offers a wide range of specialty services from haircuts and hairstyles for women and men to hair colour, balayage and ombre, keratin treatments, bleach and tone, hair extensions, bridal and special event hairstyles both short and long hair, collagen lip mask, eyebrow waxing and threading. Give us a call to discuss your next hairstyle, talk to our professional stylists for advice.

Shine on this autumn with fabulous glossy vibrant hairstyles!

As the weather gets chillier, your hairstyle is about to get that much hotter. It’s time to think about your next glossy hairstyle with OSO Hair Salon on your side that can truly transform your mane into a liquid fantasy! While hair serums have transformed the way we tame our frizz, there is no sexier style than getting your hair professionally done by someone you can trust!

Book your consultation with one of our hair professionals and discover dimensions to your hair that you didn’t know you had!

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