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Got the Blonde Ambition? Elevate Your Colour to the Next Level with 5 Styles and Tones!

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

You are a person on the move, and you want the perfect shade of blonde that keeps up with your busy and active life! Start giving into your blonde cravings with colours of honey, caramel, butter, and champagne - blonde shades that sound so tasty that you can’t deny your hair that decadent treat. Our hair salon near cathedral square in Vancouver can help you elevate your blonde hair to the next level, just in time for summer!

They say blondes have more fun, and we’re here to give you an unforgettable summer with some fantastic blonde styles and colours! Create boundless dimension, sheer shine and natural volume with our five blonde styles that are sure to turn heads everywhere you go with our expert balayage hair salon in Vancouver.

Low-Maintenance, High Shine

Blonde hair shades and hues are so fun to mix and match, especially when they’re low-maintenance. Interlock rich colours of darker sandy blondes and super light babylights to give your hair a fantastic lustre, without having to worry about dying it every couple of months. Feel special from the very minute you wake up in the morning until you go to sleep at night with this hairstyle that enhances your natural beauty without the diva price.

Ice, Ice Balayage

If you have medium to long hair, this trend is the perfect way to get a shiny dimension without permanently damaging your hair. This ombré style starts with natural-looking dirty blonde roots and fades into ultra-light blonde at the ends. This style perfectly blends multiple shades of blonde that complement each other and is flattering on individuals with cool undertones to their skin.

Honey, I’m Gorgeous!

Honey blonde instantly gives your hair that elegant dimension by showcasing your soft waves and a high-shine finish. If you have darker brunette roots, the honey blonde gives you a natural finish without looking frumpy in between root touch ups. If you have naturally light blonde hair, the honey blonde gives you that lustre and warm volume that is sure to mesmerize everyone you encounter. We think this a pretty *sweet* colour.

Golden Hour

Warm-toned golden beige colours have the effortless effect of making anyone look like a natural blonde. Perfect for those individuals with warm and neutral skin tones that can bring out the lovely peachy hues in your skin. A lighter golden colour works perfectly when it’s paired with a glossy textured spray and allows your radiant self to be the spotlight - whether you’re on a patio or having a beach day.

Ray of Sunshine

Sunshine highlights that are mixed in with light pearl hues and darker sandy tones will give you the effect that you’re living in perpetual summer mode. Subtle golden highlights that frame your face and add dimension to your face structure are a flattering compliment to anybody. Let your hair speak volumes for you and illuminate any room you’re in with soft highlights that radiate your beauty.

Get Inspired by Endless Blonde Colours and Tones | Hair Salon Near Cathedral Square in Vancouver!

If you’re ready to take a dip into the wonderful pool of blonde hair colours and tones, we will give you exactly what you want. The best thing about going blonde is that there are so many flattering and versatile colours to choose from, without losing a speck of your personality.

Radiate your individualism and choose a fantastic shade of blonde that boosts your confidence and gives you the power of continually loving yourself.

We would love to meet you, so set up your hair consultation with our friendly staff by clicking here!

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