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In a hair rut? Snap out of it with some hair inspiration! It’s your time to shine! (Updated 2023)

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

Tired of sporting the same hairstyle in every passport photo? It’s time to make a change that will give your hair that oomph you’ve been craving. Our haircut salon can give you that dazzling change you’ve been looking for without making you look like an unrecognizable version of yourself - we can simply illuminate your best features with a great cut or an out-of-this-world colour.

It happens to all of us - when we’re young we take the brave chance of highlighting our hair purple or getting some blunt bangs to make a statement. Before we know it, a decade has gone by and you’re growing bored with your style. While you don’t have the mindset of ongoing experimentation like you did in your teens, you can give yourself that extra pep in your step with a little hair pick-me-up. So dust yourself off from that hair rut, and follow our tips on how you can look fresh and feel amazing at any age!

You, our clients, are like one big family to us. We care for you beyond the service that we provide at the salon. Our professional hair services salon is always on standby to offer you insightful beauty advice. So don't hesitate to reach out, we are always happy to help!

Elevate your hairstyle with hair extensions

What we love about Bellami hair extensions is that they can virtually suit anybody! Whether you have rich chocolate locks that need some extra tender love and care, we can match you with the perfect shade that is worked in seamlessly with your natural hair texture. Got short, strawberry blonde hair? We can find you the perfect hair extension pieces that will make you go from blah to whoa! The best part? If you’re not feeling the extra length and volume, you can just take them out without any pain! The opportunities with hair extensions are endless so feel free to play around with your imagination.

In a hair rut? Why not snap out of it with a hair-cut? 😏

Feeling like you’re always getting the ‘Rachel’ haircut? Even Jennifer Aniston switches up her hair once in a while. If you’ve been feeling like your hair is lacking dimension and depth, it’s time to spice up your overall hair structure with a haircut that you didn’t think would work before! Not to worry, we will work with your hair texture and volume to enhance your features, not drown them. Whether you have beautiful almond eyes or gorgeous high cheekbones, we can work our scissors to elevate your natural features and leave you feeling fabulous.

Get some colour inspo

Think outside the brunette/red/blonde box and go for a bold hue that can liven up your hairstyle. Start with looking at beauty editorials to get some fresh ideas and screenshot some great photos to show your colourist. Our team is experienced in the areas of highlighting your best features with your skin tone, so we can further advise you on your big colour move. Because sometimes, all you need to do is infuse your hair with a funky hue and you’ll feel your confidence soaring!

Need a little hair pick-me-up? Our hair salon can revive your style with just one consultation!

Don’t hesitate to make that drastic change that will make you fall in love with your hair all over again. Whether you need to spice up your hair colour, add some much-needed volume and texture or chop a few inches off to highlight your natural features, we’re here to inspire your next confidence boost!

Book your consultation today and discover all your hair inspo possibilities that will kick you out of your hair rut and place you in the right hair dimension. This is your time to shine!

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