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It’s a Love Lock-Down with the Sleek Keratin Smoothing Treatment | Hair Salon in Downtown Vancouver

The world of hair is a wonderful one - with new tricks, trends and techniques to give you gorgeous and healthy hair evolving, our friendly hair salon in downtown, Vancouver is up to date with all the ways to keep your hair beautiful.

No hair is created equal, and that is the joy of running our beauty salon in downtown, Vancouver! Our team has seen all the hairstyles and trends possible over the last 40 years of our collective experience. You can trust us with the health of your hair while you indulge in our glam keratin treatments.

If you’ve been experiencing a tiny bit of frizz as you’re headed into the warmer months, or have a full-blown crimped mane you’re dealing with, there are numerous hair treatments that can come to your rescue. Move over knight in shining armour, the keratin smoothing treatment is what’s going to rescue us from the bad hair days!

You deserve sleek and shiny hair that is healthy - not to mention incredibly soft. So why should you pamper yourself with one of our hair treatments? Let’s take a look at the numerous benefits of our keratin smoothing treatment salon in Vancouver!

Get the Royal Treatment with the Keratin Smoothing Treatment

The Keratin treatment can transform damaged hair into a sleek mane year-round. The Keratin treatment reverses any heat damage, frizziness and split-ends action and gives you luscious locks. If that’s not enough to want this fab treatment, here are some additional benefits that your hair will love:

💜 Restored Moisture

You might be running your hands through your hair and not ecstatic about the feel of it. Not to worry, the Keratin treatment infuses your hair with moisture by repairing your cuticles and enabling your hair to retain more moisture. Say no to dry hair and yes to fantastic lustre!

💜 A Layer of UV Protection

With the warmer weather inviting us to stay outside from dawn ‘till dusk, it’s important to protect your hair against sunny rays that can damage hair. The Keratin treatment gives you that extra layer of protection to your hair so you can enjoy the outside, while you remain shining!

💜 Increased Strand Strength

Give your hair the shield to combat potential breakage and brittleness. Keratin oils are able to condition your hair and protect your hair from any outer elements that can affect your hair’s shine and health.

💜 Smooth & Sleek

Keratin treatments are designed to relax your hair and give you the hair you’ve always dreamed of. When most of us think of perfect hair, one of the first things that pop into our heads is the ‘no-frizz factor’. The Keratin treatment gives you that envious shine while creating healthier hair for the future.

What Does the Keratin Treatment Process Look Like?

The process is a chemical treatment that treats a variety of hair damages. We blend a formula that is tailored to your hair needs and inject you with nutrients to make your hair appear healthier and significantly sexier, without compromising your hair cuticles. Depending on the length and volume of your hair, every process will take a different amount of time - your treatment is not complete until you’re over the moon happy with your new hair.

What will you love most about your Keratin treatment, besides your fantastic hair? The process is incredibly safe and super low maintenance. Simply wash your hair twice a week at max, skip the shampoo and apply conditioner to keep that shine and lustre in.

Relax While You Relax your Hair with Our Keratin Smoothing Treatment in Vancouver!

Your hair is a stellar extension of your unique personality - and just how you brighten any room you walk into, your hair should shine bright also! Our Keratin smoothing treatment gives you incredible length, volume, and fullness while leaving your hair super sleek!

Isn’t time to indulge yourself in fantastic hair? Book your consultation today, we’ll show you the way to rich and multi-dimensional hair!


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