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Let Our Hair Salon Show You The Unlimitless Highlights Potential For Brown Hair

Are you ready to change up your look and refresh your hair color? If you are not into the idea of changing your entire hair color, why not add some highlights and get that same new you effect at a highlight hair salon? Highlights are strands of hair that are lighter than your natural color. If you have brown hair, you can choose lighter brown highlights or even blonde highlights. On the other hand, blonde hair can have highlights with even lighter shades of blonde. It's worth noting that there are different highlighting techniques available and at OSO Hair Salon we can do it all!

Unsure where to start? If you've been thinking about going blonde or trying out a lighter brunette shade, medium brown hair with highlights can provide a low-risk opportunity to experiment with your look. While medium brown hair is already stunning on its own, adding new colors to the mix can be a refreshing change.

Types Of Highlights Balayage, chunking, foil and lowlights are the four of the most popular types of highlights. Balayage is a newer technique which involves the stylist adding natural-looking stripes of color to hair in small or large swaths. This technique is ideal if you want to lighten certain areas while keeping your base color intact. Balayage requires less root touch-ups than foil highlighting and has a better grow-out period than other highlighting techniques. Chunking, also known as piecing, involves thick stripes of color painted onto the hair. This technique was popular in the 90s but no doubt is still used and stunning today. Foil highlighting is the traditional method of adding uniform color to hair which can be blended or streaky. This technique can achieve many different shades for a natural-looking result. This is the traditional technique where sections of hair are isolated and colored in different patterns to create either bold or soft contrast. Lowlights are darker shades of hair added by the stylist which are often combined with highlights to give more contrast and dimension to your hair color. Choose light brown, strawberry blonde, or blonde highlights to compliment your medium brown hair creating a unique and flowing style. Show off your multi-tonal locks with waves or curls, or keep it sleek and straight with layers to really accentuate the different shades. Regardless of your hair texture, type, or skin tone, light brown hair with highlights is a fun, flawless, and beautiful option. Brown Hair And Highlights As a versatile hair color, light brown pairs well with red, honey, caramel, and blonde highlights to achieve a chic and trendy look. This warm and low-maintenance style continues to be a popular choice. Whether you currently have short, shoulder-length, or long hair, exploring highlights on light brown hair can yield fantastic results. While beauty trends come and go, brunette highlights have proven to be iconic and timeless. From lighter shades in the spring and summer to darker hues in the fall and winter, combining your brunette hair with highlights creates a beautiful contrast that all women can appreciate. With so many highlight ideas to choose from, there's a cute and stylish option for every brunette no matter their shade of brown. Adding highlights to your brown hair can be a wonderful way to infuse it with brightness and depth, resulting in a charming look. Regardless of whether your brown hair is light, medium, or dark, there is a wealth of highlighting possibilities to explore. Brunettes can choose to accentuate their hair color and fashion sense with dramatic all-over highlights or opt for subtle, natural-looking highlights for a gorgeous effect. Before heading to the salon, take a look at the hottest brown hair with highlights trends and popular styles to find inspiration. From golden caramel and honey to rich chocolate and fiery red highlights, there are countless colors and styles to experiment with. Dark brown hair serves as a great foundation for any type of highlight, whether you prefer a bold or understated style. With flexibility to suit any hair length, texture, or style, dark brown hair highlights are ideal for those with shoulder-length to long hair and are sure to look stunning. DIY Highlighting Although at-home highlighting kits and tutorials are readily available, it is not recommended to attempt DIY highlighting. The highlight technique you choose to do on yourself may not be suitable for your specific haircut. Professional colorists at OSO Hair Salon have the ability to customize the color application to best suit the individual's hairstyle taking into account factors such as skin tone and eye color. Hair health is also a consideration, as any highlighting process can cause damage to the hair. We are trained to use the color properly to minimize damage, and they can incorporate strengthening treatments to maintain the hair's health and integrity. Call 604-688-5586 today to switch it up!

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