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Maintaining Dyed Hair - Your Winter Guide to Stunning Colour!

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

Heading into 2022, it’s truly a magical feat that you can dye your hair any colour you want - you have a whole universe of options at your fingertips. We know you don’t want to waste your time and paycheque on constantly maintaining your fabulous hair colour, and you don’t have to! Our hair salon team can give you that vibrant hair colour, along with some tricks of the trade to keep your colour radiant throughout the winter!

Like fashion, hair colour has become more and more trend-driven to get excited about the seasons changing. So how do you keep your hair’s hue fresher than untouched snow? We got you covered!

Treat Yo’ Self!

Just like your car, your hair needs that treatment that can level up your colour from eh to whoa! To preserve your colour to its fullest, you need the professional help that can get you there - and at OSO, we have just the treatments for you. Whether you need a smoothing Keratin treatment that infuses your hair with shine and movement or a relaxing scalp treatment, we can give you what you need to keep your hair glowin’.

Our hair salon in Vancouver offers a wide range of specialty services from haircuts and hairstyles for women and men to hair colour, balayage and ombre, keratin treatments, bleach and tone, hair extensions, bridal and special event hairstyles both short and long hair, collagen lip mask, eyebrow waxing and threading. Give us a call to discuss your next hairstyle, talk to our professional stylists for advice.

What are we raving about this winter? Our Olaplex treatment protects your hair’s protein bonds, restoring the moisture to your hair cuticles that might have been lost during the dropping temperatures. The Olaplex treatment deeply penetrates your hair so that you keep that shine locked in even when you’re busy running around finding the perfect Christmas gifts!

Turn Down the Heat (Only On Your Hair)!

We’re not saying to grab that extra sweater to keep you toasty - we’re talking about keeping blow-drying and straightening to a minimum! Winter air tends to be super harsh on hair follicles, as there is less humidity in the air. We advise you to stay away from styling tools as much as possible to keep your hair colour radiant and sexy!

If you’re experiencing less than stellar hair hue, try sealing in your hair’s oils with some frizz-fighting products that include silicone that acts as a protective barrier. Plus, by having your hair-heat free, you’re reducing your chances of having a major frizz attack at your holiday party!

Trim and Proper

If you’re trying to grow out your hair with stunning colour that stays put, frequent trims are an absolute must. When you trim your split ends before they climb up to the hair shaft, you’re stopping those damaged ends to ruin your roots. Specifically in the winter, it’s important to get your hair trims in to prevent further breakage, especially if you have finer hair.

While you may be happy with the length of your hair right now, preventative hair cuts can help you lock in your colour for longer, even when you’re 3 feet deep in snow. If you’re unsure how often your hair type needs to be cut, our experienced team can always help you out!😍

It is possible to have a lively and beautiful colour in the winter!

Locking in your hair colour for the winter is serious business with always a side of fun! Holiday parties and festivities are right around the corner, and you want to make sure you’re looking like more of a snack than that home-baked gingerbread man.

When you book your consultation with our hair experts, we can give you advice on how you can keep your hair colour as bright and badass as possible!

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