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Spice Up Your Hairstyle This Spring with 7 Stunning Hair Colours | Visit Our Hair Salon in Vancouver

There’s no real secret to feeling glamorous - it’s just the confidence that naturally radiates when you’re feeling your best. What better way to feel your best than by having luxurious hair for the upcoming spring?

Spring has sprung and so have the latest hair trends that are sure to shake things up in the warmer months. Our hair salon in Vancouver is close to the Vancouver Community College Downtown Campus, Vancouver Film School and minutes away from Victory Square, so you can get the luscious locks just in time for the warmer months!

Did you unintentionally fry your roots with a boxed hair dye and created a “home-bré” that doesn’t look particularly stellar? Most of us have spiralled into uncharted hair territory when it came to DYI hair colour, but if you’re looking to get that colour you’ve always wanted, we can provide you with multi-dimensional styles that are as colourful as your personality. Our professional hair experts have seen it all, and we’re going to continue seeing crazy DYI trends for a long, long time.

Let’s take a look at the 7 trendiest hair colours and styles for spring 2021!

Smooth like Caramel

No more growing pains of watching your roots come in again. You can caramelize your entire brunette mane by opting for striking balayage that focuses on the ends of your hair and highlights your gorgeous features. Caramel brings a multi-dimensional version of your brunette colour by adding deeper shades of blonde to bring out the volume in your hair. A caramel balayage is the exact look you need for the warmer months approaching!

Get Nutty!

Warmer nut tones, like cashew, walnut and almond, can bring a soft approach to your brunette colour during the warmer months. We highly recommend integrating some dark blonde highlights and neutral light brown hues to create a vivacious movement to your hair. We can help you get the perfect look that is blended and highlights the volume of your luscious locks.

Beach-Blonde Bombshell

Settle into the pretty blonde trend this spring and summer and radiate that effortless vibe you’ve always wanted. If you have naturally blonde hair, you can enhance your colour by adding layers of warm lighter tones to reflect off your natural colour. It’s a fantastic look that doesn’t take much maintenance and leaves you feeling like a sun-kissed babe all-year long.

Dreamy Pastels

Your fantasy of getting that dreamy colour is just what you need for spring and summer! Hues of purples, blues, pinks and mint can give you the bold change you’ve been craving while looking like a vision that has come to life. Pastel hues can work on any shades of blonde, while darker pastel hues can complement any brunette and darker hair stunners. The trick is to go a few shades darker than desired, to lock in the colour for a longer time.

RED-DY to Make an Entrance

The Queen’s Gambit has boldly brought back the red and rouge trend, and we’re here to make it stay for the long haul. Want to make a sleek and sophisticated statement with a glam copper red? We can make that happen! Not quite ready to cross the line to the fully-red side? Choose auburn red or strawberry-blonde highlights that are sure to give you dimension whether you have short, medium or long hair.

Pretty in Pink Hues

Immerse yourself in the pink trend and add a seamless ombre for enhanced depth. Go for the style that brings out your fun side while rocking the successful professional that you are! The beauty of going pink is that you can make any shade trendy - bubblegum, watermelon, pastel, neon. You can make your pink as bold or as subtle as you like while staying rosy during the warm months!

Crimson Red and Blonde Highlights

Who says that you have to settle on one hair colour to achieve stunning hair? Infusing dirty blonde highlights to a crimson colour can add a flirty twist to your hair colour, while creating hair envy everywhere you go. Upgrade your red hue with lovely shades of light, sand and beachy blonde tones for hair that you, and anyone else, won’t forget!

Find Your Perfect Colour with Our Professional Hair Salon in Vancouver!

Colour possibilities are infinite - whether you want to go with more subtle highlights or create a bold statement with an out-of-this-world colour, we can make that happen! There is no shortage of cool and funky hair to try right now. We’re expecting 2021 to be super fun with things heading back to normal - somewhat.

Book your appointment today to start your colourful hair journey with us!

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