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The Big Chop | Why You Should Cut Your Hair Short for Fall

Should you or shouldn’t you cut your hair? The old-age question that has pondered through our heads for centuries finally has an answer. Yes, you should take a plunge in chopping your hair!

Our hair salon in Vancouver will transform your hair and ensure that it looks healthy and sexy with your individual style! With less hair, there is more freedom to play around with cool new styles, while being super easy to maintain. Versatile, silky and effortless, the short hairstyle is making huge waves in 2021!

Still not convinced to go headfirst into the short hairstyle? Don’t worry, you’ll be onboard the trend by the end of this article!

Lusty and Liberated

If your hair is looking a little lack-lustre and depth, we suggest you take the chance and opt for a bold new colour paired with a short style. Not only will this style revive the brilliance in your hair, but it also creates a sleek and cosmopolitan look without the hassle of constantly maintaining it. If you’re looking for the extra volume, simply round up your roots with a hairbrush to give your hair that extra dimension you deserve!

Taking the Edge Off

This flirty little ‘do can channel your inner on-screen scarlet while still giving you plenty of volume and dimension to play around with without the blunt bob edges. If you want to go one level further, try a bohemian braid or some fun accessories to spice it up. Whatever your personality, this short hairstyle is sure to bring out your best features while being super low maintenance!

Shoulder-Length Stunner

When it comes to styling short hair, there is a suitable style for every person! Shorter hair is the perfect way to explore your personality without having to opt for the pixie right away. Maybe choose some highlights that can accentuate your fab facial features while still being soft enough to rock to work. A shoulder-length style is a great way to dip your feet in the short hair club without getting frustrated with chopping too much hair than you had anticipated.

Highlight Hottie

You want that colour and movement, we have the perfect highlights for you. Along with the big chop, why not add a splash of tones to your natural hair colour and really make a bang? This style is perfect if you have flyaways and naturally frizzy hair, as the highlights can truly accentuate your overall look without looking overdone. Plus, our experienced hair team can give you the best recommendations on the best highlights for your face shape!

Sleek and Asymmetrical

Bobs don’t get much smoother than this, and if you were craving a smouldering and sophisticated style, look no further! Give your hair the gift of an effortlessly glossy appearance while you’re garnering attention left, right and center! Full of dimension and vibrance, your tresses will always look on-point while you’re busy running the world.

Who runs the world? You with short hair!

When it comes to styling short hair, the power is in your hands! Experience the freedom, finesse and flirtiness of the bob, or play around with asymmetrical texture. Whatever you’re craving, our professionals can give you the exact look you want with elevated elements of timeless confidence.

Have you booked your hair consultation yet? It’s time to boost your style this fall and visit our hair salon in Vancouver!

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