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The Perfect 5 Hairstyles for Every Man | Hair Salon in Vancouver

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

From the classic buzz haircut to the modern comb over to the new crop, men’s hairstyles have become a prominent staple in the last few decades. Our hair salon in Vancouver prioritizes men feeling and looking their best, while we help you pick the right cut to compliment your face structure and keep you looking stylish.

Today, men’s hairstyles have evolved with the individual trends - they’re classy, versatile, and functional without looking overdone. If you are looking for a hairstyle that is both appropriate for your professional and personal life, our men’s haircuts are just the thing for you! OSO is your hair salon on Homer Street in Vancouver that can elevate your appearance with expert haircuts and trims. We’re here to kick the notion that men’s haircuts are all the same, and give you four styles that are sure to spice up your appearance!

Fades of Glory

Fade haircuts are among one of the most popular hairstyles for men, due to how many versatile styles you can choose from. Whether you want a low, mid, high, taper, bald or skin fade, this hairstyle can be tailored to your individual appearance! Whatever your style, we can help you achieve it and make you look your best.

Rooting for the Undercut

The undercut has been on the rise in the last decade that is easily maintained. Simply slick the hair back with pomade and a comb and you will look put together and ready to take on the day. While many men go for this effortless hairstyle, you can always elevate your appearance with a trimmed beard and groomed brows.

Finding the Right Angle

This style will give you the edge on a straight fade, but still, give you that volume at the top you wanted. The angular element will give you a rockstar vibe and enhance your hairstyle more than a classic slicked-back look. Plus, this style can work on any man, as it’s easy to style and maintain while you’re busy running daily errands.

A Pop of Colour

Aside from improving how your hair looks, hair colouring can also improve the thickness and strength of your hair. We have the best products in order to protect your hair against factors that dry out your hair, and we ensure that the colour you choose is vibrant and will last for months. Give yourself the gloss and volume of choosing a different colour than your roots and give your hair the extra oomph factor.

Comb On Over

A fashionable and modern hairstyle with an effortless flair. This comb over pomp is incredibly versatile, as the longer hair at the top gives you plenty of options to style it the way you want. The low fade elevates this haircut to a sexier platform, while it can accommodate all face shapes and structures to make you feel straight out of GQ.

Elevate your style with professional hair services in Vancouver, BC!

Men’s hairstyles and colours may evolve from year to year, and whether you love keeping up with the latest trends or have one particular loyal style you’ve had for years, our experienced stylists can give you that style that you’ve been looking for!

Book your appointment with us today and experience fantastic customer service and a wealth of hair knowledge and techniques!

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