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The Perfect Hairdresser | Professional Hair Salon in Vancouver, BC

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

You’ve gone through various beauty magazines to find that perfect hairstyle. You’ve scrolled through dozens of Instagram accounts to figure out how to get that rich gloss and shine. And now it’s time to take action.

Finding an exceptional hairdresser that can transform your hair goals into reality is very possible! Our luxurious hair salon in Vancouver, BC will deliver your vision. No more “OH NO!” moments when you asked for a trim, and you end up with a bowl haircut. OSO Hair Salon has worked across the globe, from North America to Europe and Asia, which means that we bring a holistic approach to the hair industry.

At OSO, we treat you with superior service tailored by 40 years of hairstyling experience. Whatever hairstyle you want, you got it! Want to learn more about how you can captivate a room with one fabulous haircut? We can show you.

Our hair salon in Vancouver offers a wide range of specialty services from haircuts and hairstyles for women and men to hair colour, balayage and ombre, keratin treatments, bleach and tone, hair extensions, bridal and special event hairstyles both short and long hair, collagen lip mask, eyebrow waxing and threading. Give us a call to discuss your next hairstyle, talk to our professional stylists for advice.

Full Range of Lavish Hair, Brow, Lash and Nail Services

Our team provides you with the latest cutting-edge trends in hair styling, and we want you to feel your best with new techniques that enhance your natural face frame. Our wide range of services can help you make into creating dreamy hair, not a dull mane!

We provide men and women professional haircuts and style. Feeling like your hair needs a keratin boost to help it look lush and full of life? We have the perfect treatments for you that vary from hair masks to deep conditioning treatments to lavish keratin smoothing treatments. Need a bold change in colour? Choose our colour and highlight services for men and women!

What better way to make a grand entrance than with fantastic hair and perfect brows? We offer professional microblading, ombre powder brows and 24K gold eye mask services that are sure to WOW everyone around you and make you feel fantastic.

We take care of you from head to toe with our luxurious nail treatments and lash services! Feel great and look amazing!

What Makes Us Your Top Hair Salon?

We have all the accomplished training and expertise in the hair industry. But we go above and beyond the range of services we provide. We’re attentive listeners that can create a bond with whoever is sitting in our chair and understand that a hairstyle is more than just a physical aspect of your look.

When you walk in through our salon doors, you expect to walk out with a fantastic hairstyle. That is where we deliver. So what makes a great hairdresser? It’s the ability to give you the ideal style you want to create the best version of yourself until your next appointment.

The Main Reasons to Trust Your Hair With Us

Your hair, your rules #HairStyle

When you wanted blonde highlights because you saw Charlize Theron with them, you rushed to the salon to get them done. When you wanted blunt bangs because you needed a drastic change, you took your scissors out and made that happen. When you buzzed your hair because your mane was just too much to maintain, you confidently cut all your hair off.

Your hair has the flexibility to change as often as you want it to, and your hair must represent exactly who you are.OSO believes that whatever hair you want, you should get!

Here’s how you can feel confident with our hair services:

✔ Friendly and Dedicated Hair Artists

We take pride in our work, and we want you to walk out of our salon feeling like the best version of yourself! Our fully trained hair gurus can help you achieve your desired look or advise you on which best hairstyle is right for you if you don’t have one in mind. At the end of the day, our priority will always be your satisfaction. We will cut, trim, style and highlight until your hair is exactly what you want!

✔ Professional Craftsmanship

The beautiful thing about a fantastic hairstyle is that it gives you that oomph to take on the day. Our licensed hairstylists have the education, accomplishments and four decades of experience to help you decide which hairstyle is best suited for your personality!

✔ We’re Great Listeners

How many times have you excitedly walked into a salon, asked for a simple trim and walked out with shorter hair than you expected? We take that extra step in giving you exactly what you request. What makes us stand out is how attentive we are to each and every individual customer that trusts us with their hair.

Beauty Hair Style Consultation

Once you’ve done all your homework and research, it’s time to set up a professional consultation with us. Send us a photo of your current hair, and attach your vision for your new style.

Setting up a consultation allows you to explain exactly what you want. We examine everything from your hair density and length to your hair history to fully understand your hair structure. During your consultation with us, we record what hairstyle you requested, the number of inches you want to be taken off and deliver on your promise in your appointment.

Use your tie during the initial consultation to find the perfect style and asks us about our range of expertise. Creating a friendly bond with you is the first step to getting the hair you crave!

Want the Perfect Hair Style? Contact Our Professional Hair Salon in Vancouver, BC

We offer extensive product and industry knowledge that can help you feel good while looking great! Contact us today to start your hair journey!

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