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The Winter and Your Hair - Avoid Any Bad-Hair Days with Our Salon

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

Winter is a pretty magical time - you get those rosy cheeks that remind you of playing at recess, you get to ski and snowboard on some pretty amazing hills, and the snow just gives everything the Hallmark movie aesthetic. But for your hair, it’s a different story. You have to fight hat hair, your hair seems a little more brittle than usual and you seem to be can’t tame your frizz no matter what you do!

While you may be able to get away with minimal hair styling during the summer, in the winter you’re going to have to step up your game. Our hair salon can help you achieve that amazing hair even when the temperature drops and need that extra TLC to put that pep in your step. Ready to get that silky hair that awaits you? Follow our tips below!

Step Away From the Blow Dryer

No, we’re not encouraging you to walk around with wet hair in freezing conditions. Help your hair fight through these dry months by taking it easy on heat styling products. If you absolutely cannot cut down, at least lower the temperature.

Since our hair is more susceptible to breaking in colder temperatures, the added heat will increase your chances of split ends and hair damage. You can always start by decreasing the temperature by 25% and go from there - Your hair will thank you, we promise!

The Lesser, the Better (Washing Your Hair, That Is)

Washing your hair once a day in the summer just makes sense - you’re sweating a little more than usual, taking a dip in the pool and sometimes a little sunscreen makes its way in the scalp. During the winter, however, you’re likely not engaging in those activities unless you’re somewhere tropical (in that case, take us with you!).

Overwashing your hair in the winter is a huge no-no. First, your scalp is a lot dryer in the cold, and when you mix that with the dry air from the indoors, your hair will take the fall - it’ll lack colour and volume. Instead, opt to wash and condition your hair every three days to let your natural hair oils build up. If your hair gets oily after a day, stock up on dry shampoo!

Get a Hair Trim Once Every 6 Weeks

We know, it could be quite annoying to try to grow your hair out and have it cut. But patience and maintenance are key in the winter. Trimming your hair more frequently in the winter can those brittle ends move upward and give you that frizz no one asked for.

Regular trims, especially during the winter months, will help your hair grow long-term and keep it healthy heading into spring. Our team can give you that fantastic trim without making you feel like you have no length left.

Make Small Changes to Your After-Shower Routine

Hair is more susceptible to breakage when it’s wet, so it’s important not to rub your hair dry. We suggest using a soft microfiber towel to dampen your hair, and then using a wide-toothed comb to brush out your strands working from top to bottom.

If you can, avoid using an excessive amount of hairspray that may have ingredients that can potentially dry out your hair even more. Load up on nourishing products to give your hair that extra love and oomph, and to help maintain your mane nourished and healthy!

Keep Your Hair Healthy During the Winter and Book an Appointment with Us Today!

Esure your tresses are in tip-top shape even when the strong winds and unruly flyaways take the stage. Your hair deserves an extra dose of attention when the temperature drops, so leave your hair in the best people for the job - with OSO Hair Salon!

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