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Winterproof Your Gorgeous Hair With Kevin Murphy Hair Products

If you’re living in an area where winter weather is prominent, you are likely to deal with conditions that ruin your hair. Winter weather is harsh and cold and affects many different types of hair and hair textures. The cold temperatures can suck away all the moisture from your hair if it’s exposed in the open. Even if you wear a hat to protect your hair and head, the friction from it can also take away moisture as well. Like your skin, your hair needs protection and treatment to keep it soft and healthy, even in the worst winter weather.

At OSO Hair Salon, were a Vancouver-based hair salon that provides clients with specialized balayage service, repair treatment, lived-in hairstyles, and vibrant color highlights. Our team of professional stylists often utilize Kevin Murphy hair care products to protect your hair from the harsh conditions of winter. We want to provide you with the most personalized care and attention for your hair, adopting a holistic approach to accommodate for your specific hair type.

We understand that the fine details of hair styling are unique to everyone and strongly believe that specific Kevin Murphy hair products can stabilize your hair flow throughout the winter. Here is how these products can most benefit you.

How Can I Hydrate My Hair In Winter?

There are a few ways to keep your hair hydrated all throughout the cold winter, but these are the most important tips to keep in mind. Some minor tips to consider is buying a humidifier for your home and avoiding heat styling as much as possible.

Otherwise, it’s important you properly dry out your hair and apply treatment before heading outside. If you leave your hair wet outside in cold weather, it becomes more vulnerable to damage when it freezes and breaks. Blow dry your hair to maintain a saturated mane. You can also put on a hat to protect your hair’s smoothness, but avoid this so on wet or damp hair. Throwing a hat on top of your wet hair will make it dry flat and tough to stylize later on. Take some time to give your strands a quick blow dry before heading out.

Another Important tip is to avoid frequent hair washes during your showers or baths. Over-washing your hair will strip it of natural oils that keep your hair moisturized and protected on a daily basis. Extend the time in-between your washes as much as possible and switch to every other day for washing. Doing so will keep your hair smooth for long periods of time and will enhance your overall experience using Kevin Murphy products on them.

Are Kevin Murphy Products Safe For Hair?

Kevin Murphy products are all safe to use for coloring, styling, and treating your hair everyday. They are all free of sulphate, paraben, and cruel practices and manufactured to the highest quality for your hair. These products help you deal with winter-related issues for your hair and mitigate any static frizz or split ends. To maintain the moisture and smoothness of your hair, it’s important to use an oil treatment, deep condition for one week, and commit to a weekly hair mask.

A lightweight leave-in natural oil can instantly revitalize dry, damaged hair. Apply it at the ends of your strands daily to help retain moisture for your hair and protect it. If you don’t like using oil, you can use Kevin Murphy’s STAYING.ALIVE leave-in oil-free treatment product to nourish your hair with extra moisture. It contains a weightless mist that doesn’t make your hair feel greasy or sticky. It can make dry ends look brand new and is excellent for detangling healthy hair.

Using a conditioner weekly can also replenish moisture and reduce the effects of hot styling tools, indoor heating, and cold winds. You can use Kevin Murphy’s ANGEL.WASH and ANGEL.RINSE shampoo and conditioner to retain your hair’s moisture and transform its damaged parts. You’ll just need to apply the shampoo to wet hair and massage it gently. Follow through with the conditioner and allow the hair to absorb the benefits for one to two minutes before a refreshing rinse.

Lastly, you can use hair masks, which are quick and easy to apply. These products can reverse the effects of dryness while making sure your hair is protected at an optimal level. Kevin Murphy’s HYDRATE.MASQUE product helps repair your hair through a smoothening treatment. This hair mask has nourishing ingredients that will prevent dryness, split ends, and tangles. Apply it to freshly washed hair, massage iit into the hair strands and scalp, and then rinse for a nice sensation.

Why is Kevin Murphy The Best Hair Care Product For Winter?

Kevin Murphy hair products are relatively easy to use on a regular basis and will help protect your hair from winter damage. The brand’s products don’t contain any harmful chemicals and can be applied very quickly as you head outside. Moreover, only natural ingredients are used to help you maintain a flawless flow for your hair. You won’t have to worry about losing mixture from your hair as you incorporate a KEvin Murphy hair product as part of your overall routine.

Contact OSO Hair Salon today at 604-688-5586 to book your next hair care appointment now. If you’re thinking of cutting, styling, or coloring your hair, you can trust our professional stylists to provide you the best look you want. Don’t be afraid to also ask us about the numerous Kevin Murphy hair products we have in stock through our store.

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